Iphito – 7.9

A number of fixes coming up in the next version. Especially in AMI launching and the instancing of ip’s in the security groups. Seems that an error creeped up in the launching of that feature.

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Iphito 0.75

The latest version of Iphito finally allows the user to administer the Security Group (firewall) of the instances to block or allow different IP address.  Other issues addressed

*Adding the ability to change the Security.
*Labels for each IP address added to a specific Security Group (duplicate labels OK).
*Adding the ability to launch “multiples” of the same instance AMI simultaneously.
*Updating some caching problems.

As last time,
*Some Security Group operations are now possible.
*Adding an IP to a security group is possible.
*Users can now unpack/use AMI’s (limited by system memory)
*Users can also create/download new KeyPair private key (to SDCARD). Previously created Keypair/PK cannot be downloaded.
*A few small fixes
*Background update AMI list (takes a long time for slow connections)

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Iphito 0.7

Version 0.7 has been released. It contains some bug fixes as well as detail outlined in previous posts. Security groups will be dealt with in due time.

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Iphito 0.65

Iphito 0.65 should be uploaded to the appstore soon. It is being tested to perform as decently as possible with updates in the areas of:

*keypairs — creation and application to new Instances, including the ability to automatically download those keypairs to ANDROID’s SDCARD.
*instances — creation and application from existing AMI’s

These updates should be up within the next 48 hours.
As always these features are experimental.

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Iphito 0.6

Iphito has been updated to include the ability to handle Snapshots and has had some bug fixes. The next area of focus is on security groups and AMI’s.

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Iphito 0.5 – Alpha Release

Iphito has been released on Android in an alpha stage as version 0.5. This particular version allows for basic interaction between Instances, Volumes, and Elastic IP’s. The next few iterations will fix various bugs and problems and streamlining the cache and Amazon API connection.

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[Iphito] is an Android application for connecting to and managing you EC2 instances on the go.   Many other ways to create and edit EC2 instances exist, [Iphito] strives to distinguish itseslf above the other mobile versions by providing an ‘obvious’ outlet to EC2.

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